Dr. Jeremy Dodeigne

I am an associate professor in Belgian and Comparative Politics at the Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences at the University of Namur, Belgium. Before that, I was a visiting research fellow at the University of Oxford (UK), University of Edinburg (UK), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (ES) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ES).

My research focuses broadly on the access of political elites to power and how they behave once in office, from an historical perspective. In particular, my comparative work has examined how processes of state restructuration—i.e. regionalisation and Europeanisation observed over the last 50 years—have impacted candidates’ recruitment and their parliamentary behaviour. More recently, I have extended my research agenda to the study of personalisation of politics and political styles in European democracies since the 1960s. In my projects, I have used both quantitative analyses (with a recent focus on deep learning techniques for content analysis) and qualitative methods (narrative interviews with elites). 

My research has been rewarded by several prizes and funding grants (including a Marie Sklodowska Curie fellowship). More information can be found here. My work has been published in academic journals such as West European Politics, Party Politics, Electoral Studies, American Behavioral Scientist,Swiss Political Science ReviewGovernment & Opposition, Local Government Studies, Publius: Journal of Federalism, Regional & Federal Studies, and Representation.

I hold an MA in comparative federalism from the University of Kent (UK) and a Master in political sciences from the University of Liege (BE). In 2015, I completed my PhD in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Louvain (BE).