Work in progress

1. Content analysis of parliamentary behavior

Dodeigne, J.,  Randour, F., & Erzeel, S. “The problem is not ‘descriptive’, but ‘substantive’ representation. An automated content analysis of gendered parliamentary behavior in the European parliament” 

Randour, F., Dodeigne, J., Rozenberg, O., & Teuber, F. “Explaining MEPs’ use of written parliamentary questions: the impact of domestic experience and parliamentary culture (1994-2019)” 

2. Personalization of politics & intraparty competition

Dodeigne, J. & Pilet, J.-B.  Intraparty competition effects on personalization in 33 democracies since the 2000s”

Put, G.-J., Pilet, J.-B., & Dodeigne, J., “Somewhere between open and closed, but where exactly? A new approach to classify flexible list PR electoral systems”.

Dodeigne, J.,  Pilet, J.-B., & Thijssen, P. Can voters correctly assess the electability of candidates in PR list systems?”

3. Historical approach to territorial restructuration of political elites

Dodeigne, J.,  Randour, F., & Kopsch, S. “The (De-)Europeanization of the political class in the European Parliament: a longitudinal analysis of MEPs’ career patterns (1979-2019)”

Dodeigne, J., & Kopsch, S. “High in numbers, low in power? The allocation of committee chairs to women in the European Parliament (1979-2019)”

DodeigneJ.,  Randour, F., Teuber, F. “The Relevance of Regional Positions of MEPs: Against Methodological Nationalism in European Studies”.